School Transport Maidstone

  • Express Maidstone 16 seater coach
    School Trips, Daily Pick-up and Collection Runs

    At Express, our School transport vehicles are available for school trips and daily pick-up and collection runs. We will offer you a dependable service with experienced drivers to get you to and from your destination on time. We can transport your children to any surrounding schools and airports with a trustworthy driver and responsible driver.

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  • Express Maidstone 8 Seater Coach
    Cars, People Carriers and Coaches

    We offer a variety of cars, people carriers (1-8 people) and coaches (12-53 people) that enable your children to be transported to and from school in a safe and reliable environment.

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  • Maidstone Express 33 seater coach
    Female Drivers, Escorts or Wheelchair access

    Do you require a female driver? Wheelchair access? Escorts? We can provide you with a service which matches your exact requirements and meet all your needs. All our drivers are police checked and our escorts have completed a disability awareness course. Our vehicles can always be tracked whilst out on the roads to ensure that your children are on route and will arrive on time.

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